Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Trees are Up

Turkey Day is over here in the USA.  That means it's full speed consumerism and more noble holiday festivities.

We've already got our trees and lights up.  We've got an auxiliary tree in the front room.  A "champagne" colored tree picked up in the after x-mas sales last year.

So, what will be under our tree this year?  Probably no games actually.  I participate in the BGG Secret Santa just so I'm not tempted to buy any or put any on a wishlist.  Not like I need any new games anyway :)

Secret Santa came early, but he was a real winner this year.  He helped me fill in some gaps with 10 Days in Asia and another copy of Fairy Tale to replace the one I traded away.  Thanks a ton secret santa!

I also have some hope still that my copies of Homesteaders and Terra Prime will make it here by Dec 25th.  That would be a pleasant surprise.

I did abuse some Black Friday deals on Friday.  Got a fairly complete PlayStation 3 rig for the basement.  Just need to wait for the delayed Amazon gift card kick back so I can order the final peripherals.

Happy holidays everyone!

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