Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jambo - Check

So I got another "long unplayed" checked off yesterday: Jambo.

How has it aged?  Very well thank you.  It was still a very close fought battle.  I pulled over the finish line at 62.  But then my wife unloaded 5 goods in her last turn to match me and take the win.  Good stuff.

I currently have the first expansion of Jambo.  We sort of played with it last night.  What do I mean sort of?  Well, there's a lot of bits to it:

New People / Artifacts / Animals - We definitely use these.  However, there are no new Wares, so to play the expansion you actually need to remove similar cards to keep the ratio the same.  The author actually has some suggestions as to what he likes to remove, and we stick fairly close to this.

Huts/Relics - Never tried them.  Add new mechanics I'm not really looking for.

So there's another expansion out now.  Do I snag it?  It's cheap enough.  And I have played Jambo 10 times now and don't think that number will stop.  But what does the next expansion offer?  Some cool new Ware cards that feature new combos and some "wild" goods.  But if I include those, then I have to include all the cards I got to remove when adding the first expansion.  And some of those cards removed were ones my wife and I just did not enjoy.

Surprisingly, it wasn't the "take-that" animal cards that we wanted removed.  It was the odd-ball auction cards that caused a large hiccup in gameplay.  My wife just doesn't like auction games hardly at all, and tossing small-scale auctions into a 2-player economic card game was not her idea of fun.

Sooo.... will I get the 2nd expansion?  Maybe.  If I see it in my FLGS I'll probably cave.

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