Friday, November 20, 2009

BGG.Con Woes

Sounds like a great time in Texas.  Too bad I'm not there.  :(  At least I can follow along with the new GeekBuzz system:

I'm rather surprised to see Factory Manager at the top.  The rules on that one were rather rough.  Maybe I should give them another read.

I got in another couple games of Equilibrium last night after a long day at work.  I nailed a new high score of 51. I think part of it was good luck to nail a 11-9 split in 2 colors.  True, I was trying for it, but still to nail it on the head was lucky.  With an 11-9 split you can score a ton of the high value cards, and I had most of them down.

Still, when we played again, I again hit a 11-9 split on the head.  This time I only got ~37 points.  My wife actually whooped on me that game with 45ish points.  It's interesting that our scores seem to be creeping upward.  I should really try for maybe a 5-5-7 split and see if I can score the 3-color and 2-color bonuses at the same time.  Hrm hrm hrm.

That's all for today, busy day at work!

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