Friday, November 13, 2009

Wonderland Fillers

Yea, short post today, sorry folks.

Read some rules that intrigued me this morning.  Check out:

Alice in Wonderland Parade

Yea, the theme is completely unrelated to the gameplay.  I really enjoy simple card game fillers like Circus Flochati / Coloretto etc.  And this one sounds like a fun new entry.

Ironically I was going to attempt to design a game that had:

A push your luck card collection mechanic.
Conflicting set collecting scoring.

And low and behold, here comes Alice's Parade straight from Essen with both of those components already there.

It can easily be played with a Stichen / Rage deck, so I'll probably give it a go sometime this weekend.

The "tension" is this:

6 suits of 0-10.  You collect these cards over the course of the game.

Low score wins.
Each collected card is worth it's face value.
*IF* you have the most *CARDS* of a suit, those cards are only worth 1 point each regardless of face value.

So some fun majority fights go on.  The card collection mechanic is much rougher.  Anyway, go give it a look.

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