Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Different Definitions of "Need to Play"

Yea, so BGG was down when I was writing this.  You know how it goes.  Information withdraw.  It hurts.

Instead I was playing around again on friendless's great information page here:


That should starve off any information needs for awhile.

I thought it would be interesting to go through and talk about the different ways to determine what I "need to play" based on Friendless' stats.

1. Owned and Unplayed

Yea, I don't really own any of these.  I do have one map of a self published train game, Coast-to-Coast Rails.  I could probably get this played at a family game day.  Other than that I'm rock solid on no owned and unplayed.

2. Owned and Played Minimally

There's a fun stat about "Count how many owned games you've played 10+ times.  Now find the same number of games you've played the least.  What's the most you've played of a game in the least category?"

Or in more palatable terms:

I've played 24 Games 10+ Times
I've played 24 Games 3 or less Times

That 3 is the important number that Friendless encourages people to raise up.  The easiest way to do it is to play your seldom played games.  And for those, I have 24 to choose from :)  Many of them 2-player even.  Uruk: Wiege der Zivilisation sounds like a good candidate here.

3. Haven't Played in Ages

This is the pile I've been hitting on recently.  I'm currently itching for some Jambo or Ra even.

I did nail off Blokus Trigon last night.  My wife kicked my ass.  Such strange subtlety in that game.  I'm not sure I'll ever master it, and that's just fine by me.

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