Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Time

Well the holiday season is upon us.  It starts with some turkey, and moves on to consumerism central.

And my BGG secret santa is so efficient he's already getting his present to me tomorrow.  He's told me to go ahead and open it... but if I leave it closed then I'm not tempted to buy anything since it may duplicate what is in the box :)  Decisions decisions.

All the BGG.con guys are back at work and posting their experiences on geeklists.  Lots of good reading if you have the time.  It definitely makes me think I'd like to attend BGG.con next year.  I think I just may at that.  It's all about gaming.  I enjoy GenCon because it's in my backyard, but GenCon is all about the exhibit hall, and that's just a different focus.

I also have taken some time to work on my neglected games that I own.  Instead of the ones I have only played a couple times, I decided to spend some time on those I haven't played in ages.  Friendless has a great tool to track this over on his extended stats page:

It led me to play:

Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper - Still really solid.  I'm glad I got a spare of this one while it only costs $10.  And yet I don't regret picking up the $45 copy I've had for a couple years.

Scripts and Scribes - I still love this game.  My wife still dislikes this game.  *Sigh*

Go - Still a great game.  Just so unforgiving on disparate experience levels.  Not a great couples game.

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