Friday, November 6, 2009

Trade Values Ahoy

Well, another big math trade broke out on the geek HERE.

I've avoided the last few or just turned in blank want lists.  This time I think I'll test the waters with a reasonably high value item.  I threw up Imperial / Sylla / Machu Picchu combo.  The last two I want to clear off the shelf.  And eventually I want to own Imperial 2030 so base Imperial can go.

I tried the whole "Choose 2 of 3" thing.  I wonder if it will work.  It theoretically appeases more people.  It also might scare off some people by the complexity.  Supply and demand in a math trade is fickle fickle business.

I actually think I'm going to go hunting for a nice copy of El Grande.  I've only played it once, but over time I've come to appreciate the idea of "euro-classics" and I definitely think El Grande belongs on that list.

I'm also going to try and stick hard on a "don't buy games until they're 12 months old".  Mantra.  We'll see how that goes.  It's not like I'm demanding a 2-3 years old limit.  But 12 months can still seem extreme.  And of course I've got a couple pre-orders coming soon that already break that.

Also, pretty neat recommendation geeklist tossed up today over HERE.

It uses your paired preferences between 10 popular games.  He makes it interesting though since he lines up very similar games:

Dominion vs RftG
Agricola vs Le Havre

So I suppose he went for the most discerning pairs he could.

Anyway, it's a cool list.  It exposed my Knizia side and highlighted how I'd probably like most of his classics more than the average gamer :)

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