Friday, December 4, 2009

Rigged the PS3

All the boxes from black friday finally arrived.  What did I do?

1. Stripped the hard drive out of the new PS3.
2. Put in a new 500GB Western Digital.
3. Booted up the PS3 to learn there is no OS on the firmware.
4. Went and downloaded PS3 OS onto a flash drive.
5. Booted the PS3 and loaded the OS off the flash drive.
6. Setup an online Playstation account on my PC (Access to keyboard)
7. Tied my Visa to my Playstation account.
8. Slapped the old PS Hard Drive onto some rail adapters to get it to a 3.5" standard.
9. Dug through tons of cables in closet to find a SATA power adapter.
10. Slapped old PS Hard Drive into HTPC.
11. Spent some time finding SATA toggle in HTPC Bios.
12. Got the data Drive registered in HTPC, Double the drive space! Woohoo!
13. Back on PS3, go through LONG setup process.
14. Got correct audio/video settings out of PS3.
15. Get correct audio/video settings on Onkyo receiver
16. Get PS3 signed onto wireless network (Very easy)
17. Sign PS3 into prior created Playstation Network ID.
18. Unpackage Rock Band 2
19. Put in RB2 disk, go through auto-update.
20. Unpackage Guitar
21. Use Guitar to calibrate audio/video on RB2.
22. Fix RB2 audio output settings (Not Dolby Digital by default)
23. Test RB2, it rocks.
24. Open and load RB1.  Try to export songs, fail.
25. Go buy export key from Playstation Store (Use Visa tied to account automatically)
26. Get songs exporting.
27. Cook dinner.
28. Tack out RB1, never touch it again.
29. Put back in RB2, test buying a song.  Works great.
30. Put together drums and test them, flawless.
31. Play some songs with the Missus when she got home.

Wheh!  That only took about 2.5 hours :)

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