Monday, December 21, 2009

2 of 4 X-Mas Complete

That's right.  I live the Christmas fun.  The movie "Four Christmases" was not good.  It was however poignant.  I now exercise my rights as a grown individual to stretch the four parties over a week instead of 1-2 days.

This weekend we did my Mother and Father.  There are plenty of siblings there.  They like to game.  What did we play?

Say Anything - Probably the star of the weekend.  It played fast and gave out many "chuckles-per-minute".  I do wish they'd included 2 distinct sets of questions.  We spent a lot of time combing through the question cards for questions that would bridge generational gaps.  (Many of my siblings simply do not have a "Favorite band of the 80s")  I definitely think at least one of the families may be picking this one up.

Eat Poop You Cat (Paper Telephone) - Still works great with teenagers.  It will get naughty, so you be the judge of when they're old enough.  I always enjoy seeing my siblings' artwork.

Apples to Apples - I have totally burned out on this.  My copy is sitting far away in the spare room away from my game cabinet and it will stay there.  Really, it's an okay game, but 40+ plays later I can't take it anymore.  However, I did find one nice thing I didn't notice before.  With curious teenagers you get a real chance to explain some of the cards like "Challenger Explosion" and "Lenin's Tomb".  It was actually a neat little teaching tool.

Dixit - I'll be damned if one of my brothers isn't the Dixit master.  Every time he was the judge he always got *some* of us to pick his picture.  I however, sucked ass.  Cool game though, they enjoyed it.

Set - There is much truth in the saying that you can get better at this game.  My wife and I have played a lot.  We SMOKED my siblings.  They eventually caught on in the second game, but we still wiped the floor with them.

Next up is trying out my new copies of Homesteaders and Terra Prime.  I just need to nudge Alex Rockwell on what the unofficial 2-player variant for Homesteaders is :)

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