Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wood for (Video) Games

Just took delivery of the second guitar for the new PS3 rock band setup yesterday.  What kind did I snag?  A friggin' Rock Axe!  I didn't buy it from Amazon though, I don't think it's worth that much of a premium.

Why did I buy it?  Because it's a friggin' guitar with little game controller bits added in.  It's huge compared to the other controllers, but it feels nice and powerful.

Now, out of the box the actual fret buttons were supposed to be crap.  To fix that, I went ahead and shimmed them like in this HOWTO.  My wife obviously thought I was crazy for buying a controller that was humongous and had to be fixed before you could even use it.  I just thought I was being geeky.

How did it play in the end?  Very very nice.  The strum bar in particular is of very high quality.  I wouldn't recommend spending more than $30 on one, but if you can find it for that price again it can be worth it.

On a funny side note.  I know board game Prototypes don't need to be fancy.  But I've just found the fun of Windows ASCII codes with the ALT button:

Part of me wants to go and replace:

4VP if 5+ Red


5+ Red 4

Just because it looks cooler :)

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