Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Terra Prime initial thoughts

So I actually got a chunk of new games right before X-mas.  Bad me.  Bad me.  I ended up with Terra PrimeHomesteaders, and Chinatown.  Thus far, I've only gotten Terra Prime to the table.

So, how was Terra Prime?  Well, it went pretty good.

The best part was customizing your ship to fit how you want to play the game.  Want to fight?  Toss on guns.  Want to be a shipper?  Put in some cargo holds.  Want to explore?  Toss on some actions and some cloaking.  This alone will probably get me to try the game again.

The playtime went really long for us on our first game.  I have hope that it will come down to at least the 90 minute time range by our next try.

The graphics were very solid.  The components were okay.  I had to let them dry out and then replace the energy cubes.  After that they didn't get in the way of playing the game.

Really, the only downside that really bugged me was the sheer number of bits.  Of course, I pretty much will never own Agricola due to the number of bits, so take that with a grain of salt.

Next up will be Homesteaders.  I've been working on a player aid over here:

I hate trying to skim across the table to check out all the buildings.  I couldn't handle it in Endeavor either.

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