Friday, December 18, 2009

Filler Super Fillers

There was lots of discussion about a year ago about "Super Fillers".  Defined as "a game that fits inside 60 minutes with as meaty of experience as possible"

Well, last night we got some "Filler Super Fillers" which would be to me: "a game that fits inside 20 minutes with as meaty of experience as possible".

What did we play?

Ra: The Dice Game

Plays in 20 minutes tops with 2-plays.  Also does it very well.  I may still lean towards Roll Through the Ages, but I think there's plenty of room for both in my collection.  I at least want to come back and keep playing it.

Last night I finally started to analyze my decisions on a "points / die" basis.  You come up with some cool trade offs.  I'm sure Knizia meant for all of that to happen.

For example, the first Civilization you get is 5 points for 3 dice.  A 4th dice for a 2nd civilization is 0 points, but does enable you do get back to 5 for 3 or 10 for 4 the next time around.  Of course, you also have to value taking up 2 slots on the civilization track to bump your opponent.

3 Suns is just 3 points, which really isn't super efficient.

The river is lotsa cool.  Each river *could* be 3 points, but you also have to get it flooded with takes 3 dice for no points.

Anyway, it's a lot of fun little trade offs in the details.

Fairy Tale

Broke out the replacement copy my secret santa sent me.  Super awesome!

We played our standard 2-player variant.  Deal SEVEN cards per player.  For the first 2 rounds of drafting, draft 1 card and trash 1 card from the hand.  This gives the players more cards to peruse.  Since in a 3+ player game you see far more unique cards than in a 2-player game.

How did I do?  My wife schooled me.  Of course, she played a "Hunt All Evil" thinking it flipper her evil cards.  Actually, no, it left them alone but killed a critical "Unflip 2" card I had just played that turn.  Doh!

This is just an excellent little card game.  Sometimes I think I would like it to last a little longer, but then I just shrug and deal a new game.

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