Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There are only 2 games I can think of that I've owned two distinct copies of.  And I've actually sold or traded away my second copy of both games too.  Those would be:

Quo Vadis and Carcassonne the Castle

And funny enough, I think I want to re-acquire them for the third time.

Quo Vadis is easy to explain.  It's just hard to get played.  I switched to the small box version, but the tokens were just too small to play with.  So I'm moving back to the big box.

Carc:Castle is just weird.  I liked it okay at first.  Traded it.  Then I went through pangs of missing it.  Then I was convinced regular carc was better.  So it left again.  Now for some reason I'm itching to try the damn thing again.   Gah.

Call me a fool.  But I think these two will end up back in the closet.

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