Sunday, March 21, 2010

Clean Slate

Well, my big auction is over.  And it feels pretty good to fit all my games back into my game cabinet.  There's even room for 1-2 more if I want to squeeze them.

I've since turned my eye back to those games I already own.  In particular, I was toying around with Friendless' cool game stats page:

I like to try and get my "Friendless Metric" nice and high most of the time.  Right now it has plummeted to a really low "2".  The metric is: look at your owned games.  How many have you played 10+ times?  Call that N.  Now pick the N games you've played least.  How much have you played the most played game of those N bottom games?

Or in other words: I've played 22 of my games 10+ times.  There are 22 games I've played 2 times or less.  So my Friendless Metric is "2".

So, the quickest way to boost that metric is to play more of my seldom played games.  It generally makes me play and re-evaluate how much I really like those games.

On the flip side, pushing games to 10 plays also lets me judge the longevity of a game.  Sadly, there are a couple games that made it to 11-12 plays, but then puttered out:

Roll Through The Ages is still a great game.  It just feels like we played out the strategic possibilities of the base game.  I enjoyed my couple plays of the Late Bronze Age.  I really just need to make some more print outs of that.

Through the Desert is again still a great game.  It too just feels like I have too much understanding of the relative value of the scoring possibilities.  There's not as much to explore.  I still enjoy it, just not as much as before.

I'm not getting rid of either of the above games, but it will take them a long time to get to 20 plays I fear.

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