Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to the Lunch Crowd

I played in a very suspenseful Tichu tournament last Friday night.  Our final game started with the opponents going 1-2-Tichu in the first hand.  We turned around and went 1-2-Grand-Tichu in the second hand.  It just got crazier from there.

Then I went back to lunch today.  I work with a lot of *very* smart people.  Most of them are fairly competitive.  Oddly enough though, there are a couple that love to play cards at lunch and just phone in their choices.  I guess from their point of view, it's just a relaxing time in between crunching numbers all day.  It still makes for an odd game that causes 10s to float in tichu when there are still kings and queens in the opponent's hand.

I guess I can't really complain though.  Everyone there is a fun bunch to play with and I have a great time.  Lunches could be a lot worse.

As for Equilibrium, I did think of one change I think I shall try.  I think the current "ALL Score" cards are a little too powerful.  I think I'll try a couple hands with them as "1 cost" and "6VP for 8+" as the reward.  So it's still the same difficulty of achieving, but the cost/reward has been reduced.  The current "9VP for 8+" was just too game distorting to me.

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  1. Thanks for not mentioning how I blew that Tichu tournament for us.


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