Saturday, March 6, 2010

Running out of Space in the Game Cabinet

Yup.  It's that time of year.  Tax return time!  Why is that important?  Because it means general auction prices on the 'geek aught to be at a high.

And unfortunately, it's probably time for me to auction some games off.  I've run out of cabinet space and I'm a little low on budget.  (I put my video game and board game budget together this year.  And now there's a silly ~$50 video game I want.)

But it's hard to let go of games dang it.  Especially ones I wanted bad enough to buy in the first place.  What am I really split on?

Endeavor - It seemed so awesome when I read the rules.  And the first players were pretty good.  I just haven't felt the need to play it.  And that's not really making a game worthy of a spot on my shelf.

Daytona 500 - Difficult to find.  Only played once.  It just is an awkward game in many ways.  I really don't like the whole "give a person a car" rule if they don't win any.  And I just like Ra/Metropolys so much better.

Nexus Ops - Completely impossible to ever replace.  But I just never play the damn thing.  And I don't really want to.  It just seems too shallow, with odd card play rules.

Return of the Heroes - Again, impossible to ever replace.  But then again, I never play the thing.  I think I've decided that adventure games just make much better video games than board games.

And besides, I need to make some room for more kids games :)

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