Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Equilibrium Playtest

Got in a quick game of Equilibirum.  Tested the following changes:

A. The "ALL" cards cost 1, score 6VP and require 8+ of a specific color.

Result?  Very nice.  I really liked them now.  I played a couple.  One of them payed off.  It seemed nice and balanced.  (Not the game bending 9VP from before)

B. Make the "Draw +4" cost as much as you want.

Result?  I liked this.  I used it the only time I actually played it.  I'm worried about the complexity of it though.

C. Allow duplicate permanents.

Result?  Never came up.  I still think it's just fine.  The way the permanents are, you get diminishing returns for each permanent after the first so I don't see any issue in letting people stack them if they really want to.

Quick Session Report:

I tried going a traditional 2-color route with red and yellow.  I played a couple "ALL" cards to test them.  Mainly I just went for efficiently spamming of cheap score cards.  I also played a couple "guess" cards and succeeded on both of them (Not on the head unfortunately)

My wife went all in on Blue.  And I trashed the heck out of her Blue from the beginning.  She played a couple big "13VP for 11+ of a single color".  She stopped way early (27 cards) just to gamble that she'd make it.  (She also had the "1st Pair" cards for a cool 12vp)

Scoring?  Well I did very solid getting just over 40.  My wife?  Only got 10 blue... but 11 RED because she stopped so early.  Doh.  So she scored all her big cards and beat me out by 3 VP.

All-in-all quite a fun game and a nice playtest.

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  1. I like the sound of how that game went down! Do you have a current set of rules/cards with all the latest changes?


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