Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Revisiting Yspahan

Got in a play of an "old" favorite.  Yspahan

Yea, I know it isn't really old.  It's only old to me since it was among the first game I bought.

My wife still loves the heck out of this game.  Me?  I enjoy it.  I don't really like it a bunch anymore.  For the most part, it just feels too worn out.  There are multiple strategies to try... well, sort of.  There's maybe two.  Getting the big buildings fast and spamming souks.  Or getting on the caravan in a big way.

The problem is that the caravan is pretty damn good when you work it right.  If you can throw two guys up there per turn and generate two cards while doing it, that's just a nearly insane number of point.  (I'd say 9 points conservatively.)

I suppose you could generate that much with a solid souk strategy, but it would be difficult.  Hrm hrm hrm.

Maybe I should try it.

See, now I've got myself talking into it being more open than it feels.

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