Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alright, Back on the Wagon

Woot!  Exam is over.  How'd I do?  Heck if I know.  It was a six hour written exam.  They take some time to grade those suckers.  (Should know around mid-July)

So what have I been doing since Friday?

Well first I've been reading a bunch.  I don't let myself read fiction while studying.  I'm reading the Percy Jackson series now so I can stay caught up with my younger sister.

I've also been pimping out an old copy of Acquire I got.  What have I been doing to it?

Well first I re-did the board to give it 4 distinct quadrants.  Then I re-did the number and lettering so that each quadrant replicated the same letters and numbers.  Now when you have a tile, you have 4 places to put it.

This was how the board was made in a version very briefly published in 1997.  I really wanted to try it out, so away I went.

Next I've got some colored clay to form into hotel markers and bake.  I *really* liked the different sized hotel markers from my 1999 version and just don't think I can live without them.  I've never done back-at-home clay though, so who knows how the hell this will turn out.

I sure don't!

More gamin' soon.

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