Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kneading Clay is Danged Hard

Can barely type.  Kneaded 7 globs of clay into custom hotels for my pimped out Acquire.

I went with logs for the cheap ones.  "L" shapes for the medium priced.  And just big square blocks for the expensive ones.  I plan on printing off some labels and sticking on the side for super easy identification.  Wish me luck!

I'm also probably going to place a game order for some Steam maps and Vasco da Gama.  Vasco passes most of my buying tests.  People are still playing it a year later.  Nobody here has a copy I can try out.  It seems to have different ways to get ships if not really different ways to score VPs.

I don't really like worker placement, but I've finally realized it's more of a auction in disguise.  Mainly due to being able to "outbid" somebody on an action just by risking a harsher price on the action.

Anyway, prolly give into that order today.  Will still put me in the black next week on the budget.


  1. I'm a fan of Vasco Da Gama so far, having only played about 3 games of it. I can say though that there's really not 'different was to get ships' in the game. There kind of is, you can take a ship as a reward when sending a ship out to sail, that's an option, but mostly you get ships by placing in the ship space and buying them. Similarly, while you can get 1 Crew or Captain as a reward when shipping (instead of a ship), you mostly buy Crew/Captains at the worker space for that (though for Crew there's also one other way to get them). Vasco Da Gama is all about the resolution order really. You have to organize certain things (ship, crew) such that you can set sail, and each step along the way the resolution order can be a really big deal. You need money for everything, so ricking big bucks to undercut someone for a better ship or better sailing choices can be a really hard choice. There are also ways you can be money-efficient at the cost of worker placements and ways you can be placement efficient at the cost of money, so that can be interesting.

    As I said, so far I like the game alright - it's not the "mediocre euro" I expected.

  2. Thanks for the description Seth.

    I must admit that the sequencing and risk management of Shogun/Wallenstein was always a big hit with me. Vasco sounds like it has more than a little of that.

    I'm going to hold off for a week until my boardgame budget gets back into the positive, but then I think I'm going to definitely place an order for it.


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