Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slim Pickings

Wrapping up a local no-shipping math trade this week.  I'm doing the running on a Google Spreadsheet, so it turns into a fair amount of work for me.  This is the final leg where people send me their want lists.  Since I know everyone personally, I tend to take the time to check for spelling errors and confirm anything that needs fixed.

I of course turn in my want lists first.  And after looking everything over, I really decided there was very little I wanted to try to squeeze onto my overfull shelves.  I only ended up with two items:

Pow Wow - A simple party/bluffing game.  I like these style with the family and I think this one would catch on well.

Heroscape-marvel-the-conflict-begins - Yea, I have the other master sets just because.  Maybe I'll play them with my kids some day.  Still, this one doesn't add much on it's own.  So I'm not missing it horribly.

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