Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dice Musings

So I'm on a real big dice kick lately.  Yea for me.  But now I'm itching to try and design a "Dice Euro" like Roll through the Ages or Ra: Dice.

I've recently had some thoughts as to how I'd do interactions:

Each player gets 8 dice.
There will be 6ish items up for grabs.

First round:
On your first turn, roll all 8 dice.
Place all 8 dice in groups onto the items.
Next player does the same.

Next rounds:
First see if you have the top group for any space.  If so, claim the item from that space and take back your dice. Opponents get pity stuff for getting their dice back.
Now roll all yours again and place them.

I'm worried a little bit about runaway leader stuff.  Not really from getting too good of stuff, instead more like the boxes and squares problem of Samurai.  Once you've won a big fight, you get to place those dice right back in the swing of things.  Maybe delay the dice you win with for a turn.  Might be difficult mechanically though.

Just some musings.  It would have to have items like the SPQR tiles from Alea Iacta Est though.  Those things are quite sweet.  Maybe one face up and one face down.

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  1. I had some thoughts along those lines one time - based on something Jim Cote (from The metagamers) said. It was when I was thinking a lot about building a game based on a core mechanism that is itself an established game. There are many games which could be described as a 'clever mechanism in search of an actual game' - Coloretto, Liar's Dice, Dominion, etc. Zooloretto does a good job of making a gem out of Coloretto. I have tried my hand at making a game using Liar's Dice as a central mechanism. I'm currently working on a civ game where your abilities and the potency of your actions are controlled by a deck which behaves like you might see in Dominion...

    And one time I considered a game based on the mechanism that is Reiner Knizia's eXXtra. Your idea sounds similar to mine, which was that you would place dice on particular spaces which had actions or effects associated with them, and you could boot someone else off of that space if you placed a die with a larger number on it there. I will have to dig up those notes and see what that was all about, because I remember thinking that was a neat idea.


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