Saturday, January 23, 2010

Having fun with the Printer

So since I got a cheap InkJet off Craigslist a while ago, I've been having a lot of fun printing board game related items.

Of course I've done my fair share of PnP games.  I've also done a lot of Prototyping.  (In fact I still have a completed prototype of Equilibrium waiting around for when Seth of TMG gets some time to try it out.)

The other thing I've done is make player aids and rules summaries for many of the games I own.  It's not easy to learn games from 1-page rules summaries, but they are *great* ways to quickly refresh yourself.

Just today I printed off a couple great little summaries for Knizia's Samurai.  In particular, it's nice to remember how the setup changes for different numbers of players.  It also helps for the convoluted scoring in Samurai.  I really think he went a little too far there.

I'm also going to try out Conquest of the Empire tomorrow and some player aids are invaluable for that game.

If you haven't invested in a cheap InkJet printer, it's a great tool to enhance your boardgame hobby.

As for cost, I recommend refurbished ink from somewhere like and cheap 110lb cardstock from Sam's Club.  Makes everything fall way under budget.


  1. I've just read that you didn't like conquest at all. And read about decision making. Perhaps that is why you like cardgames so much. You have to make quick decisions all the time

  2. I think you're absolutely right Kris. I really like the speed of the average card game. And Hand Management goes a long way to offering interesting decisions.


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