Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, here rolls in a new decade.  What's eating at my life right now?

I've got another professional exam on April 30th.  It's a real bitch and will eat away at me with stress until it is over.

I don't really have any new year's resolutions.  I'd say "continue to post regularly on my blog", but really, I do that already.

I suppose I do need to get rid of some games so I can fit everything back into my game cabinet.  I've got 3-4 recent acquisitions sitting outside of it at the moment.  That's fine and all for a week or two, but any longer and my wife will gut me.  If I didn't play it in 2009 does that mean it should go?  But I really do like Galaxy Trucker, I just don't ever want to deal with all the bits...

*sigh*  Another year of petty worries.  I think that means it will be a good one overall :)

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