Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anatomy of a Review: Introduction

I thought it would be some decent content to go over each section of my standard review criteria.  So sit back and be prepared for a nice 12 part series or so with short blog entries on each section.

I usually open up my reviews with just the smallest of paragraphs introducing the reason for the review.  Most often I write a review because it's a game I've been enjoying for quite some time.  If so, then I tell them that.  Usually I try to mention how many times I've played it and what my general relationship is with it.  I generally try to write on a thin crusp between objective and subjective in the body of my reviews.  In the introductions though, I'll generally go subjective and express my feelings some.

I think the main point of the introduction is to set the mood for a review.  I want people to empathize a little with me.  I'm an analytical guy by nature and want them to understand that.

Sarcasm is really hard to detect on the internet, so I like to make sure that people realize I'm not going to break out sarcastic comments on them.

Here's some examples from past reviews:

Terra PrimeTerra Prime is a recent release by Tasty Minstrel Games. I received my Pre-Order signed by the designer Seth Jaffee himself. After a couple two player games though, I just don't think the game is for me. Of course, I don't like Agricola nor Battlestar Galactica, so please don't go jumping to conclusions for yourself. I noticed there isn't a lot of information out there for Terra Prime, so I thought I'd give it a good detailed review.

Endeavor - Got a chance to play this exciting game at GenCon. I admit I only played a couple times, but I thought an early review was better than none given the lack of information. My short bit: just an awesome game.

DominionLook mom! It's a BGG Phenomenon.
No it's not dear, that's just "Hype".

Well, is it? That's really the question isn't it? And luckily, the answer is.... *drum roll please* ... up to you of course! Luckily unlike some recent hits (*cough* Agricola *cough*) this game costs under $30 and plays in well under an hour. Meaning? You'll easily get a chance to try it yourself.

For myself though, it is living up to the hype.

(Review Caveat, I haven't gotten in my desired number of games for a review, but I hadn't seen any full detailed reviews yet, so I thought I'd do it anyway.)


  1. On what planet does Dominion cost under $30?! the 2nd expansion costs almost $50, and you can't even play that one by itself (like you can Intrigue)!

  2. It's true that they have an MSRP of US$50. But I figure a lot of the readers of BGG buy online like I do, at which they're under $30 before shipping. And I usually go in with gaming buddies to get over the free shipping threshold.

    As for the second expansion, supposedly you get nifty coins with it too!


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