Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ack GenCon Crazies

Only a week to go!  I'm scrambling to get things done at work.  And still keep track of all the game swaps I scheduled at the convention.  Lordy lordy!

I've got to play a bunch of stuff recently, but none of it new to me.  That's far from a bad situation.  Especially since many of the recent games have been solid.  I'll give a couple contrasts here:

High Society - I've always liked For Sale better.  And I've even liked Money better now that I've finally gotten to try it.  I like the idea of not knowing how long the game will last.  But High Society takes that aspect to an extreme.  It just ruins the ability to plan much.  It went on the trade pile after this last play.

El Grande - Well, it's still a classic.  I got to play my own copy a second time.  I think I've got an original release.  The King is a little small, but the friggin' cubes are massive.  The play is just as chaotic as I remember it.  With plenty of take-that and score changing.  And yet, it always seems to get across that "epic" feel.  I think I like it so much just because it's got that special "epic" feel in the minimum amount of time necessary to achieve it.  (About 2 hours.)  I'll be holding onto it and breaking it out a few more times for sure.

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