Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sweet.  Just had a fire alarm in the office.  Best part of it?  The door at the bottom of the stair well was locked.  That's right.  We piled an office building into the stair well, went to the bottom, and couldn't get out.  We had to go back up a floor, out to an ESCALATOR, and then go out the front door.  Sweet job people.  Sweet job.  At least it appears it wasn't a real fire.

Anyway, Essen is over.  All hail mary, Essen is over.  Didn't really see too much come out that I just got to have.  I did see a whole lot of solid reporting though.  I'm always amazed at the number of people who take the time to write about all the games they tried.  It's no small thing to do so I'm very thankful to them all.  I know some people on BGG get tired of all the Essen geeklists.  But c'mon, my use of BGG is pretty much:

1. Shoot the shit with friends
2. Find new cool games I want to try

And essen geeklists completely fill in #2.

I also spent some time last night mocking up a player mat for the chip version of dominion.  Mainly just because I tend to lay my "hand" out on the table when playing with chips.  And without defined play areas I tend to mix up the action cards I've played with the chips still in my hand.  You can check out an ugly version of it HERE.

If I like playing with it after a few more tests then I'll probably add a little color and some logos to give it a little more polish.

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