Friday, October 30, 2009

Game Days

I'm going through a bit of withdraw.  I've missed a month of game days at the local meet up on Sundays.  Basically this means I haven't played an 90min+ gamer's game in that long of time.

I'm thinking it's definitely time to rectify that this weekend.  My first choice of game would be Endeavor.  That's one I just haven't gotten to the table since GenCon.  Bad me.

After that would be Imperial.  I've only played that Gem once and have been dying for a chance to go at it again.  And I still want to upgrade to Imperial 2030.  My wife is going to give me so much crap about that one.

I also think I'm going to re-instate the family game day once a month at my house.  It's true we end up playing mostly fluffy things, but some meaty things still pop up.  Most of my wife's family are big Acquire heads from way back and are always up for a game of that.  I also have some people that humor me with games of Ra.

But at the same time the family is always up for some Wits & Wagers or Say Anything!.  (Which on an odd note.  I went to a client's office building and saw workers walking around the hallways carrying a copy of Say Anything.  I don't know if it was team building or lunch fun; but either way it was awesome!)

Anyway, hopefully by Monday I'll have some actual gaming to talk about :)

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