Monday, October 19, 2009

Fins Circling Dominion

Well, they finally released the rules for Dominion Seaside.  You can download them HERE.

So... what do I think?  Meh.  Pretty much Meh.

Biggest disappointment?  Additional components.  Each player now gets 3 player mats.  Additionally, there are a bunch of cardboard "coins" and cardboard "embargo" tokens.  This was a card game right?  What happened to sticking with cards?

Other disappointment?  Way too many cards that "+1 Action, +1 Card, Small Side Bonus".  I just don't find these "cycling" cards all that interesting.  All too often you would have just been better off buying a dang Silver instead of them.  (What, you'd rather play the cycle card and draw another Copper... good for you.)

Duration is the new big card type.  What does that mean?  It's a PITA card the remains in play until your next turn.  Kind of a "quasi-permanent".  That just sucks the simplicity of "dump everything into your discard".

Also, how many questions some up about the dang Throne Room?  Every new set has a mess of interactions that confuse even the seasoned gamer.  Who let that dang card get into the base set?

So, what cards actually look like fun?

Ambassador -
"Reveal a card from your hand.
Return up to 2 copies of it from
yourhand to the Supply.
Then each other player
gains a copy of it."

I would buy the Ambassador just to clear out coppers and shove coppers into my opponents.  That's just being very harsh on their efficiency.

Discard 3 cards."

Very nice card.  With 3 extra cards in hand, I know I'll have 3 I'd like to discard.  Only costs 3 even.  Sucks that it takes your hand size down to 4, but it does leave you an out for when you draw action cards with it.

"You may reveal a Province card
from your hand. If you do, gain a
Gold card, putting it into your
hand. Otherwise, gain a Silver
card, putting it into your hand."

Probably a win more card.  But it does make sure that you keep your deck full of big money.  The more I think on it though, it's definitely a "win more".  (In that if you are fulfilling it's requirements, you're probably already winning, so you should have spent the resources on something that would get you into a winning positions.)

Anyway, I'll still probably mock up a few to put on my chip version.

I'm very sad there's only one more VP/Action card.  Those were my favorite.

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