Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boardgame Library

So I just started abusing my local library for books again.  Just finished a very good one:

The Warded Man

If nothing else, it's been a long time since any book has made a character such a bad-ass.  It takes half a book for his inner bad-assedness to surface, but when it does he's out to friggin' get you.

I was sort of lamenting a nice easy way to borrow boardgames as this.  There are a couple locals that I swap games back and forth with a fair amount.  But sometimes we end up just waiting on each other to buy copies of certain games that nobody wants to risk.  (Like Catacombs)

I do appreciate the boardgame library in GenCon a fair amount.  Each year I probably try out 3-4 titles from there.  And then another 5-6 from the exhibit hall.  It just is a mad-house in many ways so it's hard to stay sane and really test out some deep games.

If only I lived closer to Cincinnati.  I hear the CABS library is a friggin' sight to see.  Maybe I should just head down to Origins sometime just to check things out :)

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