Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GenCon Woes

Well, sounds like there won't even be space for open board gaming at this year's GenCon.  How lovely.  Guess we'll just have to take over whatever space we can find.

The whole convention center here in Indianapolis is currently ripped to shreds.  They're trying to get everything put back together in time for the 2012 SuperBowl.  This means next year we should have just gobs of space available to play games.  This year?  Not so much.  Maybe Origins isn't that far... And yet I work a whole 3 blocks from GenCon so it's too darn convenient.

Last GenCon?  Quite fun as always.  I am particularly still infatuated with Ra: The Dice game.  I feared it might have been a flash in the pan, but it's hooked me and staying strong.  It's currently outlasted both Roll Through the Ages and Alea Iacta Est.  I play the others, but I just keep getting drawn to Ra: Dice.  I think it's the setup and the play speed.  There's something to be said for a super short setup time.

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  1. Sheamus,

    I'm sad to hear about the gaming space at GenCon...we did have lots of room to play at Origins:)

    I agree with Ra: The Dice Game. I actually don't care too much for the original game, but when I played the dice game, it totally hooked me. We shared with other gamers and they couldn't stop playing it.

    About GenCon. Shoot me an email at k.tolson@queen-games.de and I'll get you set up with an interview time to meet with Rajive Gupta.

    my best,
    Kimberly Tolson


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