Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings

So I'm going to try hard to post every Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I figure if I can keep it up for a couple weeks then I'll start actually advertising my blog. Until then I'll just do it for my own sake to see if I can.

So I actually got a rather negative geeklist to have some publicity on BGG:

Hidden Gems

I know it doesn't sound that odd, but generally any geeklist with negative vibes will just get completely ignored. This one actually took off enough I got some nasty trolls. I think I ran him off by eventually ignoring him and locking out new additions for awhile. I've since re-enable additions and people are still linking away.

Looks like Martin Wallace just went and slapped a stock market onto Steam for mayfair.

Steam Barons

It is rather funny since Steam in all its forms was supposed to be a scaled down 18XX, and now he's scaling it back up to an extent. I think I'll still pick up the expansion for the giant new maps. I really like the look of the eastern US one. And c'mon, you get Wooden Train markers :)

The prior post was a promotion that Tasty Minstrel Games has been putting on. I haven't entered just because I have more than enough games to keep me happy. If you feel differently then by all means go join the festivity.

Still need to snag a fine-tip sharpie and color in that yellow die included with Ra. It works okay under my 300+ watts gaming area, but if I take it anywhere else I'd have my doubts as to being able to read it easily. 

I'm also enjoying the new workspace in the office. My wife is appreciating not having sleeves and prototype crap on the kitchen table. Rather a win-win situation. I replaced the ceiling light in the office, but I may still have to resort to a desk lamp for the work area. I think I've just always been against desk lamps since I gashed my hand open on one back in high school. I need to get over that eh? Anyway, enough pointless ramblings. Off to work.

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