Monday, September 14, 2009

Settling In

Okay, it's time I moved on to my first real post.  I believe I at least got the blog mostly lined out.

I wish it were easier to add game links back to bgg.  I suppose there might be a tool, maybe I should look into that.

Anyway, what's up in my gaming world?

Well, I need to playtest Equillibrium.  Right now I've got a prototype of a ton of new cards.  Frankly, I think most of them are crap.  Beyond just trying them out, I need to test shared score cards and drafting.  Definitely not all at once.

I've actually got a match in AA (America's Army).  The ol' FPS just won't die eh?  Maybe they'll get version 3 patched up sometime.  Right now it's just barely enjoyable.  But it's got a cool medic system :)

And I need to get a thin tip sharpie to color in my yellow die for Ra: The Dice game.

And I need to order more stinkin' penny sleeves and toner carteridges.

I know, this isn't the place for a to-do list, but it does give you a snap shot into my mind.

Unplayed Games:

Very damn few!

A couple in the 10-days series.  I got these mostly for educational purposes anyway so I'm not in a hurry at all to play them.

Uruk: Man I do want to try this.  Doesn't sound *as* cool as Dominion or RftG, but it's still a solid Card euro.  Still, the rules are damn convoluted.  I might hold off a bit.

Coast-2-Coast Rails: A small indie game I picked up.  Need to grab some cubes and give it a go.  The problem being that it competes with Steam right now; and loses.

Anyway, until Wednesday.


  1. 1. Copy gme URL from BGG
    2. Click the link tool
    3. Paste

    Easier than that?

  2. That's how I've been doin' it. Unless I get so lazy I skip the link. (Bad me.)


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