Friday, October 29, 2010

Equilibrium Playtests

So, gaming isn't dead with a newborn.  It's just slowed down :)

Anyway, got a solid playtest of Equilibrium in:

Early Game

I got down a nice "Draw +2" permanent right at the beginning.  My wife went for the early "1st Pairs".

Really soon I played the bonus for "5+ of 3 Colors" and my wife played the big bonus for "11+ of 1 color".  The strategy lines were pretty set.

Mid Game

Thanks to my deep draw, I got *all* three of my big bonuses.  My wife only got 2 of hers.  She did complete her pair.  And she hinted that she was going all Blue.  She had plenty of Most Blue and 9+ Blue score cards down.

I started fleshing out my chances with some "Count +1" cards so I could run my deck very thin.

Late Game

I flesh out my "Count +1" to be one of each color.  I also sneak in a "Most Yellow" since I know my wife isn't saving much.

Then right around the end, Wham, my wife hits me with a "Trash 3".  Suddenly I am counting my deck and see I'm all the way down to 17 cards.  I immediately stop, as does my wife.


I had 17 cards in my deck.  9 blue, 4 yellow and 4 red.  But I had a Count +1 of each color!  So I met my 5+ of all colors goals for a whopping +39 points.

My wife of course scores her deep blue deck easy with 14 blue cards.  But she only got down a couple of the big point bonuses.  Her final deck has 21 cards in it.

I sneak out the Most yellow since we both had 4 in our decks but I have a count +1.

Final scores: Me 39, Angie 37

Two point victory!  And a nailbiter.

I consider this a very successful playtest.

We did have the "Share 12VP" cards in that pay out like the Cathedral in Notre Dame.  I was unimpressed in their third game.  We both just ended up playing the first 2 we drew and then stopped playing them.  They might be more exciting with more players, but I'm starting to think otherwise.

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